Selective Coordination Designer v1.0

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Thank you for your interest in Selective Coordination Designer v1.0 (SCD1.0), a tool to help users identify overcurrent protective device solutions that will coordinate (at 0.1 second or 0.01 second) or selectively coordinate (all times all currents) in an electrical distribution system for up to 6 devices. SCD1.0 is easy to use:
  1. Enter your circuit (system) details for the portion of the circuit requiring (selective) coordination
  2. Enter the attributes of the devices and conductors in your circuit
  3. View and select device solutions
  4. Export and print the system solution

SCD1.0 provides device combination solutions that coordinate/selectively coordinate in the instantaneous region of the time-current curve based on the circuit/system attributes provided by the user. SCD1.0 solutions also consider assembly detail, fault current detail, device information, conductor information, as well as others. Additionally, SCD1.0 can estimate fault current and conductor sizing based on the system and device attributes, as well as verify the conductor range of the devices.
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Disclaimer: SCD1.0 is a solution guide intended for the purpose of identifying device combination solutions, and is not intended to replace nor substitute fault studies, coordination services or studies, tools that validate long and short-time regions of time current curves, tools that validate devices and assembly configurations, nor tools used to price power distribution equipment and overcurrent protective devices. Always consult Bid Manager and current product technical information to verify device and assembly configurations. Always consult local governing authorities and applicable regulatory standards to ensure Code compliance.